PlanetKids is your child special place

After our success to manage TOTAL E&P Nursery House, we established our PlanetKids in September 2008 which located at Essayaha (5 minutes from Regatta). It's an English and Arabic pre-elementary school following Montessori Learning Method with schofieldandsims books and beleduc learning materials .

  • Develop self-confidence and sense of independence of children's.
  • Build a healthy foundation for growing, development and learning,
  • Develop gross & fine motor skills.
  • Encourage the sense of curiosity.
  • Develop a positive attitude towards work & learning.
  • Enhance language & cognitive development.
  • At PlanetKids we have a number of unique features and facilities that set us aside from other day nurseries. We want to make life easier for parents, therefore we offer the following:
  • Eight (8) rooms for: playing, reading and running activities.
  • Designed sleeping area for babies.
  • Indoor arts and crafts section.
  • Outdoor playing area and Qualified staff.
Typical Costs:

As fees in Planetkids Nursery School are 4000 LYD yearly for English section and 2000LYD yearly for Arabic section including: registration fees, insurance, children’s Birthday parties, children outing activities, New Year’s party, Mother’s Day Party ...)
If who wish to make this world a better place through education, join us as soon as possible.

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Telephone: 00218 214839344
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