ADDA " Africa Defensive Driving Academy "

Defensive driving is not only about vehicle control-ability, but is certainly about highly trained motivational DDA Coaches successfully teaching simple "expect the unexpected" or "surprises are coming" concepts and techniques that will reduce crash risk via one-on-one weakness recognition and "excellence requires a coach" fashioned driving behavior modification.

NADDA:North Africa Defensive Driving Academy

In 2009 New Horizonstarts organizing Defensive Driving Courses for Expats' wife in Tripoli. In 2010 setup NADDA “Africa Defensive Driving Academy" as a branch developing the Land Transportation Management including:

  • Defensive Driving Courses
  • In Road & Off-Road Security
  • Road Transportation Management
  • IVMS

At the Defensive Driving Academy, we aim to continually bridge the gaps between teaching, coaching, and training drivers through the following principle:


Welcome to Africa Defensive Driving Academy! 

We're a Defensive Driving Academy that strives for top performance from our clients' drivers, with an emphasis on safe driving in North Africa, one of the fastest growing cities in Africa with extreme hazards on road.

To do this we plan to:
  • 1. Teach students the right way to use the roads as laid out in the government road rules hand book in road and off road.
  • 2. Build confidence in Drivers so that they can deal with driving situations that confront them on a daily bases.
  • 3. Begin the driving experience the right way, and make the lesson a fun experience notwithstanding the safety aspects of driving a motor car.
  • 4. North Africa Defensive Driving Academy only uses the Certified driving instructors.

All our Trainers are highly qualified and professional, and take great pride in the teaching of better and safe drivers. We offer a variety of Training sessions for : Light Vehicles, Heavy Vehicles (Ttrucks and Buses), Off-road and Forklifts.

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